how to remove blackheads naturally

If you want to know how to remove blackheads naturally, then today’s blog is just for you. In this blog, we will discuss blackheads in detail. There will be a detailed discussion on why blackheads occur, their harmful aspects and how to remove these blackheads. Let’s get started.

Introduction of blackheads

Blackheads, also known as open comedones. Normally they are the small spots on the skin caused by clogged hair follicles. They are a type of acne and are usually found on the face, especially the nose and chin. But they can also appear on other parts of the body, such as the back, chest, neck and arms. This is a common skin problem that we can eliminate using the right methods. Blackheads usually start appearing between the ages of 14 and 24. However, this does not mean that the elderly do not get blackheads. Blackheads can happen to anyone at any age. It can also occur in women due to hormonal changes during menstruation and pregnancy.


Why do blackheads happen?

To stay away from blackheads, we first need to know what causes them. Many reasons cause blackheads to appear on our skin. Some of the primary reasons are discussed below :


  1. Excess oil production

Sebaceous glands in our skin produce an oily substance called sebum. Which helps keep the skin lubricated and protected. But when sebum is overproduced, it mixes with dead skin cells.  As a result, the pores of the skin get blocked. And blackheads are created.

  1. Clogged hair follicles

Normally, dead skin cells rise to the surface of the skin and fall off. But when there is an excess of sebum, dead skin cells get stuck inside the hair follicle and form blackheads.

  1. Bacterial growth

Sometimes bacteria also cause our blackheads. Our skin naturally harbours a variety of bacteria. When the hair follicles are clogged, the number of these bacteria increases. It leads to inflammation and the development of blackheads.

  1. Environmental Factors

Many times dust accumulates on our skin.  As a result, our skin pores become closed and blackheads occur.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, blackheads can be caused by many other reasons.


Now we will know how to remove blackheads at home naturally. We can remove blackheads by adopting different methods. But today I will just discuss the most effective ways.

Remove blackheads with a proper cleansing routine

Remove blackheads with a proper cleansing routine

To stay away from blackheads, you must keep your face clean. So, wash your face with a cleanser at least twice daily. But be sure to avoid harsh cleansers and soaps that are harmful to your skin. You can use warm water while washing your face which will help open your skin pores again. Exfoliation at home for removing blackheads. Exfoliation is an effective method to remove blackheads. You can make exfoliants at home easily. For example- baking soda, oatmeal or sugar can be mixed with a little water or honey.

Which will act as a natural scrub. But keep an eye on your skin sensitivity. Facial steaming can remove blackheads. You already know that warm water helps unclog your skin pores and helps in removing blackheads. And that is why facial steaming is a very effective method. It is a very simple process. You have to steam your face for 5 to 10 minutes over a bowl of hot water. Add a few drops of essential oils like tea tree or lavender to the water for antibacterial benefits.

Remove blackheads at home with Honey and cinnamon

Use Clay Masks to remove blackheads naturally

Bentonite clay is a very effective solution for blackheads. Clay helps to remove impurities and excess oil from our skin pores. So apply a bentonite clay mask at least once a week. How to Make Clay Mask? Firstly you have to mix the clay with water or apple cider vinegar to form a paste. Then apply this paste on your face. Allow to dry completely and wash off.

Remove blackheads at home with Honey and cinnamon

Remove blackheads at home with Honey and cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon will play a very effective role in removing your blackheads. The antibacterial properties of honey destroy the bacteria on your skin. Cinnamon increases blood circulation to your skin. So how to use it? At first mix some honey and cinnamon to create a mask. Then apply the mixture to the blackheads. Leave the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off. You can use it twice every week to get better results.


Green tea helps to remove blackheads routine

Green tea helps to remove blackheads

Green tea helps reduce oil production in our skin. Since we know that blackheads are caused due to excess oiliness of the skin, we can use this green tea. First of all, brew the green tea and let it cool. Then apply the green tea on the skin with the help of a cotton ball. If you want, you can mix green tea leaves with some honey to make a scrub.


Use aloe vera to remove blackheads

Use aloe vera to remove blackheads (very effective)

To remove blackheads, the use of aloe vera is very essential. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties that help in removing and reducing your blackheads. So apply pure aloe vera gel on your skin daily as part of the routine.

You can use any of the methods mentioned above to reduce your blackheads at home. By using proper skin care and natural ingredients you will get better results. For this, you don’t have to go through any harsh treatments or chemicals.

So this was our discussion today. Hopefully, now you can get rid of your blackheads using natural remedies at home. Blackheads are very irritating but natural. So don’t worry about blackheads just follow the right method. And live a blackheads free life.

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